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Great places to buy CD's, books, and videos (and more)

Louisiana Music Factory - The best selection for pure New Orleans music.

The Jazz Crusade - "Big" Bill Bissonette's nice website for his "Jazz Crusade" label.

Delmark Records - Website for Bob Koester's landmark independent jazz/blues label.

The Jazz Record Mart - The famous Jazz Record Mart in Chicago.

Jazz By Mail - A good online jazz store with a nice selection of traditional jazz.

Mosaic Records - THE re-issue king of them all (includes several New Orleans jazz sets).

Fantasy Jazz, Inc. - A California based company that owns the Good Time Jazz label and the historic Riverside recordings of the 1960s (Kid Thomas, Sweet Emma, Percy Humphrey, etc).

George H. Buck Jazz Foundation (GHB Records) - The single most important collection of historic jazz.

Worlds Records - A nice site for buying jazz CDs - updated frequently.

Arhoolie Records - Some good New Orleans jazz can be found here (Billie and De De Pierce, Papa Celestin, New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra).

Blue Note Records - A famous jazz label with some great traditional jazz.

Preservation Hall - Official website of The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - contains their tour info and recordings (Sweet Emma, George Lewis, Kid Sheik)

Biograph Records - Owners of the Center recordings (George Lewis, Jim Robinson) and other hot jazz (Jabbo Smith).

Storyville Records - An excellent collection of pure New Orleans jazz from George Lewis, Kid Thomas Valentine, Johnny Wiggs, Alvin Alcorn, Kid Ory, Louis Nelson and many more.

Document Records - The largest collection of classic blues and jazz including recordings from Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, Kid Ory, Lizzie Miles and hundreds more.

Jazz Oracle Records - You'll find some classic New Orleans jazz here with the complete 1925-1928 recordings of Papa Celestin & Sam Morgan being the most important.

Great sources of information

The Jazz Gazette - The finest online source for pure New Orleans Jazz.

Doc Evans' website - Everything you need to know about the Minnesota trumpet legend.

The Bunk Johnson Homepage - A tribute to the great Willie Geary "Bunk" Johnson

Butch Thompson's website - The official site for all the info and news on the famous piano man.

The Mississippi Rag - The very best monthly magazine for traditional jazz fans and a nice bulletin board.

The American Rag - A good source for CD reviews and jazz festivals. - A place for jazz fans to connect.

Masterdigital Corporation - These guys do all the mastering for the George Buck labels - see what will be coming in the future.

William Russell Jazz Collection - A listing of the legendary Bill Russell's jazz research collection.

The Tulane University Jazz Archive - A listing of the oral history interviews.

Albert System Clarinet Pages - Chris Tyle's tribute to the nearly extinct Albert System clarinet.

The Madison Jazz Society - All that's happening in the jazz world of Madison, Wisconsin.

New Orleans HQ - A Valuable New Orleans Information Resource Website.

Louis Armstrong Sites - Info on "Pops". - Info on "Pops".
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