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Bob Schulz and the Riverboat Ramblers - "Together Again" - CD
Bob Schultz & The Riverboat Ramblers 1) Buddy's Habit (3:47)

2) St. Louis Blues (8:40)

3) Kansas City Man (5:40)

4) Kansas City Kitty (5:13)

5) Who'll Chop Your Suey (When I'm Gone) (5:11)

6) I Want A Little Girl (6:33)

7) Brother Low-Down (5:12)

8) Dallas Blues (5:51)

9) Canal Street Blues (3:57)

10) Tin Roof Blues (5:30)

11) Shine (4:27)


Norrie Cox (clarinet)

Bob Schutz (cornet)

Bill Davison
(cornet/soprano sax)

Roy Rubinstein (trombone)

"Whitey" Minette (piano)

Jack Kuncl (banjo)

Ray Schenk (tuba)

Jim Schaefer (drums)

Liner Notes BY: John Steiner

Recorded April 23, 1988 at Penny Tyler's ANDYS, Chicago, IL

GHB Records BCD-279
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