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"Kid" Bastien's Happy Pals with Norrie Cox - cassette
Kid Bastien's Happy Pals cassette tape cover SIDE "A"
1) Sing On

2) Sil Vous Plait

3) Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

4) Big Chief Battle Axe

5) April Showers

1) In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree

2) Short Dress Gal

3) Silver Bells

4) New Iberia Blues

5) Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

"Kid" Bastien (trumpet)

Norrie Cox (clarinet)

Patrick Tevlin (tenor sax)

Roberta Tevlin (trombone)

Steve Brown (piano)

Elizabeth Brown (banjo)

Colin Bray (string bass)

Chuck Clarke (drums)

Recorded June 3, 1988 at New Orleans North, Toronto

cassette Tapeworm-002
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